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Noah's Male Torso - 24 years old

Realistic Male Sex Doll Torso 

All our sex dolls are moulded based on real people with whom we collaborate to produce the most human like dolls. The Dildo is removable. 

Dimensions: High: 67.5cm / Width 43.5cm / chest 77cm / hips 82cm
Weight: 15kg

Introducing Noah

Noah is our first male model and one of the bestseller to date! We were looking for open minded and fit models when Noah approached us. He came as a confident and easy going person, well build and masculine. We enjoyed working with him and built this exact replica of himself. 

We asked Noah to tell us more about himself:

"Enrolled at the University of southern California. Quarterback after school. Surfing in Morocco. Hiking a summit trail. Playing guitar with my closest friends. It's not a proper weekend if your heart is not beating a little faster, right?" 

Sounds like a dating profile, but we loved it!

How would you describe your sexual life?

"I am an outspoken bisexual and love choosing whoever i fancy. I especially like MMF threesomes and qualify myself as bottom in those situations. Yet, i am currently dating an amazing woman who is definitely on top"