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Amber's Torso - 44 years old

Ultra realistic Half Body Sex Doll 

All our sex dolls are moulded based on real people with whom we collaborate to produce the most human like dolls. 

Dimensions: 70cm high / waist 66.5cm / bust 85cm / hipline 85cm
Net weight: 24kg 

Who is Amber?

Amber is 44 years and works at the local library. She is happily married and has an active sex life. Amber knows our industry and asked if she can volunteer to mould her torso. I agreed straight away. 

Hidden behind her big red glasses, Amber is quite reserved and does not speak much. Yet, once you get to know her on a personal level, the surprise unveils. 

We ask Amber what are her kinks?

"I am into a cuckolding relationship with my husband. He gets off when i get taken by bigger men and stays there watching. I recently had my first gangbang with 5 men and i absolutely loved it! This feeling of being taken by every holes is just...filling"