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Alice's Feet | Size EU 35 / US 5

With or Without Vagina
Pair of Feet

Realistic fake feet flashlight sex toy 

All our feet are moulded based on real people with whom we collaborate to produce the most human like feet models. It can have an usable vagina in the top of the ankle (optional). 

Alice was 24 years when we approach her to work with us. I spotted her feet at a friend barbecue gathering and directly knew we will make it a best seller.Turns out she is dating a foot fetish partner. Which made our collaboration even better! 

We Ask Alice: 

Tell us more about yourself:
"I am 24 years old, raised and born in San Francisco - California. I'm a fitness coach since two years and love every bites of my job. I did not travel much, yet i wish to do so in the near future. I like running at the beach with my dog Muchie and evening sunset cocktails."


What foot related act does your sex life includes? : 
"Generally, foot fetishists want to kiss, lick, and suck on feet. Sometimes they prefer the feet to be kind of sweaty … Usually when my partner comes over, I have him give me a foot massage while we chitchat before the sex. He's submissive to me, so sometimes I shove them pretty far down his throat or or order him to kiss him. I usually make him jerk off on them at the end and lick it up, or I use my feet to rub the cum all over his face."


One foot dimension: 21.5x7.5x6 cm | 8.5x2.9x2.4 inch 
Feet size: EU size 35 | US size 6
One foot weight: 0.6 kg | 1.3 lb 
Material: Hypoallergenic flexible TPE. Realistic skin like material. Do not put in hot water. To avoid any stickiness, apply baby powder.


Clean throughly with temperate water after use. Use with lubricant for penetration.

Feet are made to order, there are 3-12 days order preparation - whichever delivery you choose at checkout.