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Amy's Legs - 28 years old

Ultra realistic Half Body Sex Doll 

All our sex dolls are moulded based on real people with whom we collaborate to produce the most human like dolls. Compare to other offers, those items are fully articulated and can be put in any "human" position.

Dimensions: 112cm high / 61cm waist/ 21.5cm feet / hipline 83cm. 
Net weight: 22kg

Who is the model? Amy.

Truth is, Amy is our social Media manager. She is a 28 years old active woman. An avid reader, love cinema and enjoys traveling to exotic places for adventures. She will volunteer for mostly everything and have a go at most things. 

Amy's Kink:

Amy is more vanilla when it comes to relationship. She enjoys cuddling and caressing her boyfriend while deep into the sheets. She says her favourite position is lying on her back and putting her legs around her partner's body. She also loves when one licks her toes during intercourse.