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Donna's Legs - 24 years old

Ultra realistic Half Body Sex Doll 

All our sex dolls are moulded based on real people with whom we collaborate to produce the most human like dolls. Compare to other offers, those items are fully articulated and can be put in any "human" position. Built-in bones / ankle joint activities. 
Size: 112cm high / waist 80cm / Feet 21.5cm - Net weight 20kg

Who is Donna?

Donna was 24 years when we approach her to work with us. Her amazing curves made her our ideal candidate to mould her body upon. 

Tell us more about yourself:

"Christian, i treat my friends and family with honour and respect. I am 24years old and work at lovely coffee shop down the road. I consider myself as caring and empathic in most situations. I love karaoke,  bad movies and true crime. I am also a really good baker!" 

What kinks are you into?

*Blushes* "I like unexpected sex. To be taken in the most risky situations is a total turn on. I made out with a coffee shop client recently, during my shift! The thrill of being caught is what turns me on."